Cranes Fly for Peace Global Flag Ceremony

Cranes Fly For Peace Flag Ceremony is based on the World Peace Prayer Society Flag Ceremony. It's a very simple ceremony. A speaker calls out the name of each nation of the world while a replica of the country's flag held up for all to see. Participants then reply: "May Peace Prevail in..." and inserts the country's name. Then each flag is laid in a spiral on the floor around a small Peace Pole, creating a brilliantly colorful mandala of the world. Origami Peace Cranes are put on the flags to fulfill Sadako Sasaki's quote: "Paper crane, I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world." The powerful image of the flags overlapping each other with the flying cranes is a visual reminder that we are all one world and that Peace can prevail on earth. If you would like to have the ceremony done for a group, please email me.

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