Here's the method I like best:

Informed Democracy

How to fold a crane to make it FLY

1. When folding down the tail, fold it outward at a sharper angle than the neck. This gives a little more leverage to move the paper.

2. When the crane is finished, hold it firmly at the "V" shape of the chest with the left hand.

3. Hold the middle of the tail with the right hand and gently pull straight out.

This is the link for a YouTube Peace Crane video I created for my Grandchildren explaining why I make the origami Peace Cranes and showing the many places they have taken us. If it takes a while to load click on the HQ box on the lower right and it should come right up.

My heart was deeply touched by the quote from Sadako, the little Japanese girl for whom the cranes are made:"Paper crane, I'll write peace on your wings and you'll fly all over the world". With the YouTube video the cranes are indeed flying all over the world to spread her message of peace.

With love,

Jo Wharton 

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