Bowl of Peace Cranes
Winter SolstiCelebration
December 19, 2006
Cathedral of Hope in Dallas
Photos by JR Compton

Cranes Fly For Peace Flag Ceremony
Gather the Women
March 13, 2004
Unity Church in Dallas
Photos by Amy Martin

Jo calling out the names of the countries

Lesa Walker, left, and Lorin Nelson, right, laying out the flags and cranes

The completed flag mandala

Gather the Women Congress
October 2003
San Francisco
Photo by Jo Wharton

Jo's Cranes Fly For Peace Soul Collage artwork

Close up of flying cranes

Participant tying crane onto the Peace Tree

Summer SolstiCelebration 2003
at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas
Photos by Chris Cave

A completed prayer tree in Moonlady Amy Martin's
home in Dallas, Texas
Photo by Scooter Smith

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